ADDMEDICA is a European company focused on developing and marketing medical products for Rare diseases, Serious conditions and Unmet medical needs.

Created in 2005, ADDMEDICA is a fast growing European company focused on developing and marketing medical products for:

  • Rare diseases
  • Serious conditions
  • Unmet medical needs

The mission of ADDMEDICA is to provide high medical value solutions to physicians, patients, and managed care organizations, by developing, registering and/or marketing a range of medical products in several rare and debilitating diseases.

Our areas of interest comprise:

  • Wound healing and consequently the tissue growth factors and the cell cultures
  • Organ transplant and tissue replacement
  • Genetic diseases and the possibility to treat with drugs or substitute therapies, and also with cell or gene therapies.

The company is proud to offer its current range of products in the fields of lung transplantation, wound healing and deep burn care. It also has developed the first drug indicated in the Sickle Cell Disease in Europe, already available in several countries.

ADDMEDICA is constantly looking for new opportunities and partnerships, to develop and commercialize products with high medical demand.

Through a very adaptable model, ADMEDICA is today able to develop, register or market either medicinal products or medical devices.

As a result of its know-how, its commitment and its positioning, ADDMEDICA is ready to become a leading firm for the provision of medical products and innovative techniques for rare diseases with the best quality of services.

Last update date: 17/08/2012
Last update date: 31/07/2019