In 2005,  François ANGER, Bernard DAUVERGNE et Jean-Michel DERIPPE decided to create ADDMEDICA.

Before creating ADDMEDICA, the three founders had met successful carrier in pharmaceutical industry. They had for common wish to create an independent medical product company based in France dedicated to adding innovative and personalized responses for patients who suffer from rare diseases or serious medical conditions.

From 2005, ADDMEDICA marketed and distributed several medical device in the domain of organ grafts & the domain of wound healing.

In 2007, ADDMEDICA obtained the European Marketing Approval of the sole drug specifically indicated in Sickle Cell Disease. This product was commercialized in some European countries from 2007. The product is marketed and distributed by ADDMEDICA in France, and by partners in other Europeans countries where the product is present.

From 2007, ADDMEDICA participate to several research and development project, so increasing its pipeline.

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