Business opportunities

ADDMEDICA: a partner to develop and distribute medical products with high medical added value in Europe.

ADDMEDICA is structured to design, develop, and distribute medical products (medicines and medical DEVICES) with small sales volume and/or high added value. ADDMEDICA focuses on medical products covering a wide range of unmet needs such as rare diseases, debilitating metabolic disorders or other serious conditions, mainly for the European area.

In ADDMEDICA, only the key functions of Research & Development, Regulatory Affairs, Sales & Marketing are performed by Addmedica's staff.

For today operation, the company has developed its own European network of high quality contract partners, subcontractors and experts involved in regulatory affairs, vigilance and distribution.
To date, ADDMEDICA distributes its products directly in France and has access to European markets through local partners in different countries of the community.

So, ADDMEDICA has acquired the expertise for products with low volume and/or high medical value added.

ADDMEDICA is focusing on 3 main therapeutic domains

  • Wound healing and tissue regeneration
  • Organ Preservation and Transplantation
  • Rare and/or genetic diseases

ADDMEDICA is open for both in- and out-licensing.

Our business commitments:

  • To give the best chance of success to your product in the European territories.
  • To provide you with the best services regarding your demand in full compliance with EU legislation at all times.
  • To satify customers: Customer satisfaction is the key driver in our daily business. We continuously ask medical doctors and hospital pharmacists what they need or want: our clients directly influence our business development activities.

In conclusion, ADDMEDICA is keen on helping you to develop and implement medico-marketing strategies and programs to meet your business objectives in compliance with European requirements for your specific medical devices or drugs.


Last update date: 24/09/2014
Last update date: 31/07/2019