ADDMEDICA: a company specialized in medical products for unmet medical needs mainly in Europe

ADDMEDICA is a medical product company based in France dedicated to adding innovative and personalized responses for patients who suffer from rare diseases or serious medical conditions.

Currently, there are many unmet medical needs for products to be used together with, or instead of, drugs in niche markets or rare diseases.

Addressing this unique market requires a specific know-how and a dedicated European organisation.

ADDMEDICA is capable of targeting such medical products throughout the world and to procure them for health professionals and/or patients.

ADDMEDICA can provide the following services :

  • analysing the demand together with health professionals and/or patient associations,
  • searching for, or developing, products, supplying products through the most efficient distribution channel,
  • providing information, technical assistance, quality assurance and vigilance as required

ADDMEDICA's goal is to construct a highly reputed, small volumes focused, medical product company with the best quality of services in Europe.

Last update date: 23/07/2012
Last update date: 31/07/2019